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Global data directly usable over the cloud

UniCloud collect and organize global I18n data and make them directly usable through web infrastructure. To provide acceptable i18n behavior for global users is still a big challenge even for companies that works in the leading edge of technology. The goal of UniCloud is enable world developers, not only those leading companies, to provide software applications with acceptable i18n behaviors with very little efforts. We utilize existing resource and the recent development, and make those resource directly usable in through web service.

As of today, Common Local Data Repository (CLDR) is the main source of our data. In addition, we added time zone and postal data. All data are converted to JSON form and organized in hierarchy. You can explore what's available from this site. A simple URL can be used to grab any piece of data. For applications, it will be inconvenient to grab data piece by piece. Data query interface allow multiple piece of data to be specified through a simple query template language argumented by options provided in query time.

If action is given value of "browse", the returned data will be in HTML format. User can click the links and explore available data.
The number of levels in which queried data will be expanded to. The missing of this parameter means all included data will be returned.
"tag" is used to identify the set of data in terms of versions, draft status (as in CLDR), and other variations.