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Global data directly usable over the cloud

/cldr/main/pt_BR/dates/calendars/gregorian/dateFormats/short = {
  "dateFormat": {
    "pattern": "dd/MM/yy" },

Explore data in server, check what is there and the path to reach it. You can click any level and a new page with that level of data will be loaded.

Available data:
Address Data
Timezone Data

URL parameters:
tag: Each set of data is marked by a tag that shows the variety, version or other information. For exampple, there are 4 possible draft status in any CLDR version, they are 'approved', 'contributed', 'provisional', 'unconfirmed'. This piece of information is presented by tag. Version can also be combined there, like '1.9_contributed'. A default tag will be used if this parameter is not available.
action: When its value is "browse", an interactive page like what you see now will be presented.
depth: The level of data that will be displayed. Default value is "1" when action is "browse". Query to then top levels (usually 1 or 2) will be forced to have depth as 1. For example, 1 level path "/cldr" and 2 level path "/cldr/main" won't be expanded more than 1 more level. This way we restrict the possible data size in each request.
indent: If specified, output will be formatted with indentation level to be the given number.